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  1. 650sx Pump Info

    Quote Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
    Skat Trak or Impros.

    Here's the link to it on Impros website:
    I believe you would select the 5mm setback option. But I would suggest you call Impros to let them know you're dropping it in a 650 pump to confirm.

    You can also call Skat Trak and order it direct, and ask for Glen. I believe they can modify them in house to
  2. Rebuilt carb same issue

    Pwc members, I just rebuilt 1997 wave venture 760 carbs still having same issue of ski will start and run fine but then when it sits for a hour it will not start unless I put fuel into the carb then fine until I stop for a hour. Did I do something wrong or other issue? Thanks for your input.