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  1. Dasa 1000cc SXR Platform

    Quote Originally Posted by 623pwr View Post
    I am selling a used Dasa 1000cc with an SXR Platform

    Top End:
    90.50 mm Bore
    Head shell, 46cc pump gas domes
    Brand new piston assemblies
    Brand new orings
    Dasa did repair on the boost port
    Helicoils in exhaust manifold mounts
    Will come with dry pipe mounts if needed

    Bottom End:
    Fresh Billet 78mm Billet Crank Works Crank
    Ported and trenched SXR crank case by Tim Judge

    I am selling this because
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    I have a 2003 Yamaha Waverunner FX 140 (1000-B) and had it for about 5 years now and it ran very well from the start. Two summers ago it started acting funky and sometimes would fire up and sometimes wouldn't but finally got to the point last summer where it wouldn't start at all, just a clicking noise so it sat all last summer. I just replaced the solenoid and now the engine will crank but it won't start. The battery is fully charged a little over 12 volts and only drops to about 9 volts when ...
  3. 94 Yamaha 650 won't stay running - Carb help needed

    I have a 1995 VXR, a 1995 Pro VXR, and a 1994 VXR. All are stock. My 1994 has been sitting for 4 years so I started the process to get it running. After an initial attempt at starting I confirmed the carb needed some work. This is my third Mikuni carb rebuild (cleaning thoroughly and replaced filter, gaskets, pump, etc.). So here's the symptom: hit the start button and it fires up for about 1 second. Just sort of a vroom and then dies. On occasions, I can keep it running for 2-3 seconds ...
  4. Graphic Designs Designing Your Vision for Web Interfaces

    Visually appearing rich graphics are a crucial part of brand awareness and brand management. Web sites with polished and professional look attractive to the audience and create a memorable impression. Take your advertising a step ahead through digital graphics with creative ideas and technical skills. Bring value to your publicity material with high-end graphic design outsourcing. The invisible vocabulary of fonts and color in graphic design keeps your customers engaged. Graphic designers in India ...

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