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  1. 90 Seadoo gts

    Quote Originally Posted by Scoochy View Post
    I bought a couple vintage seadoos cheap last fall
    i did a refinish and restoration on them as you can see from the pic

    I had them out on labour day weekend to see how they worked both seem to run well. Good compression seem strong for a little 580 cc

    my question is what does everyone recommend for oil in these. The previous owner basically put whatever he had in them. Is it a good idea to switch to a synthetic oil (Castrol Outboard or something) or do I just stay
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  2. Best Seo Tools

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  3. 550sx Coffman 1/2 pipe assembly

    Stock 550sx . Ordered the gasket off of WatCon and it came with 3 gaskets . Do I use all of them to keep pipe from overheating?
  4. Bilge

    Kawasaki STX 1100 DI 2000
    I have twin jet skis. While winterizing them I noticed one was leaking anti freeze inside the front of the jet skis.
    The other had no such issue. No antifreeze into bilge.
    Im asking is it normal for fluids to pour in the bilge or not,, which ski has a problem the one leaking or the one not leaking??? Many thanks for any help on this matter
  5. WTB: Coffman sizzler

    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    Looking to buy a decent protec black Exhaust for a superjet. Must be complete, or a Coffman sizzler exhaust. Cash in hand !! $$
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