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  1. New to this

    HI....I live in whitby ontario canada...I am looking for a 1996 Gsx gauge deflector...i think thats what it is call...does anyone know where i can get one...the part is no longer available...so i know i need used...but can find one..or is there other years that will fit
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  2. 89 650sx help

    hey i have a 89 650sx and i just pulled the old plastic pipes out and i am going to replace them with stainless and the ID is bigger then the plastic ones were i was wondering if the pump will still be able to push enough water in or do i have to mod it some how??there are two plastic ones and one steel one in there should i replace all of them or just the plastic ones i think the steel one is for to drain from the header.. i was also wondering about other good mods that aren't expensive and worth ...
  3. 1997 GTX RAVE valve keeps melting

    I have a '97 GTX 787 with around 180 hours on it and it has been going through RAVE valves like crazy. I bought the ski at 170 hours and it ran all the way until round 179 and then putted out. The first time it happened, the entire thing melted so I did a whole rebuild. It worked fine for maybe 10 minutes and then it started surging and wouldn't go above 4000RPM's. After looking into that one, everything melted but the cap. I assumed that I installed in improperly and then did more in depth research ...
  4. Waveblaster 2 Green Color Code

    Hi All,

    Just trying to repaint a hydroturf hood I got for my Waveblaster 2. It is the green model so I was wondering if anyone would know the color code for it?

    Best regards
  5. S*n B*t Lò Xo

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