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  1. Kawasaki x2 overheating problem

    Helping my cousin out with his 86 x2 and it keeps overheating. Just replaced the pump and impeller checked all cooling lines had it running fine on the garden hose but when we put in the water it ran great for about 10 min then smoke came out of the vents we immediately shut it off head got so hot is burnt the paint. We ordered new head and gasket this is the second time this has happened any suggestions?
  2. Js550 running to hot?

    Hey guys I have an 88 js550 with factory half pipe and west coast water box. I've looked at other threads that deal with cooling but can't find answer to my question. I bought the ski last summer runs awesome but I think it gets to hot after riding for a while I'll shut it off and steam will come out of the pisser that comes from exaust. The head doesn't seem to get abnormally hot just the pipe.the guy I bought it from added an extra cooling line that comes from engine. Is that how the aftermarket ...
  3. Js550 water box

    I have a 88 js550 with factory pipe and westcoast water box. I like the box but the neighbors complain from the noise. Just wondering if there are any aftermarket brands to keep perforce but lesson the noise?
  4. San Diego JS550 Build.

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  5. JS440 Carb Problem

    I have a 1980 JS440 that has had a 550 carb and intake installed. The person that had it before me must have done this, they also removed the rev limiter so I had to install a restrictor on the return line of the carb. I have now noticed a leak on the back side of the carb. It looks like it is leaking out of a round disc almost like a freeze plug and I was wondering how to get it to stop?
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