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  1. Fuse Issue?

    I recently acquired a 96 Sea Doo SPX. The previous owner wasnt sure what the issue was (he said it just stopped on him in the middle of the lake one day) and sat on it for several years, so I got it cheap.

    I have been going through and chdcking out connections, lines, etc and noticed the 5A amp fuse on the MPEM was blown (see pic). No big deal, Ill just replace it. Nope, it blows every time I touch the the positive terminal to the battery.

    Im testing it with a trolling ...
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  2. yamaha startup troubleshoot

    how can i check if the starter is good on my 99 yamaha gp1200... doesnt want to start on the ignition side but jumps with a screwdriver on the relay.
  3. Seadoo Boat / Wont run over 5000 rpm

    I have a 97 challenger with a 787 single motor.
    Have done leak down test and replaced seals as needed.
    Carbs are done, fuel lines changed, cable adjusted.
    Will not do more than 20 mi hour and only 5000 rpm.
    Im out of ideas !
    mechanics are useless in this neck of the woods!
    PS Wear ring and prop look good.
    After leak down fix it went up to 6500 rpms and ran 40 + then slowly went back to the original prob of 5000 rpm.
    Thanks for the help.
  4. Complete Sea-Doo HX does anybody need parts

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Stang View Post
    Where in CT are you located?
    Interested in black rubber pieces by seat, knees and gas tank/neck fill. Price on hood and black hood

    also, carbs clean? Price?

    text/call 765-517-1663
  5. 2004 Honda Aquatrax Jet Ski, HELP

    Bought this jet ski 2 years ago have not been able to ride it yet. I have found that no one wants to work on it because it's a Honda. First place I took it too, it would start up, them after running a few minutes would shut off. Mainly when you give it gas. First place replaced relay assembly, motor mounts,new fuel tank,water stator, cooling water cap, oring, seal a, seal b, new computer (ECU), knock sensor, Map sensor, replaced main relay. The jet ski will start and run, but will shut down saying ...
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