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  1. GP1200R Oil Pump Question

    I have a 2002 GP1200R that I just recently rebuilted. It never had an oil pump. So I added it back. I know it takes awhile to prime the lines. But I noticed that the return line back to the oil tank is filling much faster. Is this normal? I'm concerned that the oil flow might be restricted to the carbs and I won't get enough oil to the carbs when running. I'm using Tygon tubing instead of the oem oil lines. Is this safe?
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  4. Yamaha FX HO MR-1 Engine Rebuild... Why would this happen???

    Hi, I'm new to the forum here, not sure if I'm posting this correctly...

    I have 2006 Yamaha FXHO with only 120 hrs on the clock and timing chain broke, does any body have any idea why this would happen? Name:  20171010_192011.jpg
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  5. Looking for a shop manual for a 94 ZXI 750

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Name:	9AC3BB50-C9B7-4F9D-925A-C53B9891297C.jpeg 
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ID:	531555Hey whats up guys, Im new to the pwc world. A few weeks ago I bought a 94 ZXI 750 on Craigslist with a double trailer for $600. The problem is the ski doesnt run but it was in pieces when I bought it and the guy said it was originally a bad starter solenoid but I bought it knowing there will be more then just that wrong with it. Im looking for a shop manual that someone may have a file of. Saving myself that money will help out and ...
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